LiveTiles Presentation of Chatbots by exClone

We had an exciting gathering last Friday at the LiveTiles office to explore future directions via LiveTiles platform, digital workplace. LiveTiles offers a unique tool to curate and create content that is relevant to vertical needs of an enterprise without any coding requirement. Now, through the same channel, artificial intelligence applications can reach Sharepoint users one of which is exClone’s expert chatbots.

We have demonstrated Wendy, an example of employee assistant that can be launched by any enterprise using their own content. The example included simple interaction of Wendy bringing health benefits information and answering questions. Wendy’s expertise can include health insurance policies as well as all other different benefit information.

There is literally no limit to the type of content that can be curated as part of Wendy’s expertise. For example, a derivative of Wendy can be created to include training material, compliance, in-house surveys, and employee testing. One of the most important properties of exClone is to allow chatbot creators to develop a chatbot in a single-step machine learning process. Similar to LiveTiles feature, chatbot creation with exClone does not require any coding or any working knowledge of AI. This is how Wendy looks like through LiveTiles platform.

More about Wendy will be announced soon. Stay tuned for an exciting future!