Cortana Out exClone In

recent article reports ” Come the end of January, it appears the Cortana app’s getting booted to the Microsoft assistant graveyard. At least poor Clippy will have some company now. That’s according to a support article Microsoft posted to several regional markets this week.” After Siri becoming a laughing stock, Cortana’s departure is not surprising. These “can-do-it-all” voice assistants are simply not delivering the AI promise. Their utility have been questioned with the exception of Alexa due to its clever commercial use attached to playing songs.


Instead of “can-do-it-all”single voice assistant, exClone has just released an app (experimental) that is an ecosystem of virtual experts (chatbots). Starting with 8 examples, each virtual expert is focused on a different subject as designed by its owner. Contributors to the ecosystem can be anyone or any organization who can clone themselves into a virtual expert via exClone’s platform. The cloning process requires nothing but documents (Word or PDF) that contain the knowledge of potential conversation with the visitors. Contrary to “can-do-it-all” attitude, this environment offers number of virtual experts (conversational agents with voice). Once the ecosystem reaches its maturity, finding the relevant virtual expert will be easy via a category search function (i.e. HEALTH, LAW, ART, etc.)

Download the App


Please download the exClone app from the links below. If you already have it, you should update it with the latest version. Please bear in mind, this is an BETA test.


New clones/virtual experts are added regularly without the need for you to update the app. Notifications will highlight the newly added clones and their content changes.