Enterprise IQ and Virtual Experts

In its simplest form, the Enterprise IQ concept assumes an imaginary brain of an organization where all know-how and expertise are gathered, then distributed at maximum scale so that the workers can utilize it rapidly and effectively. The AI application of Virtual Experts helps this vision to become a reality as summarized below.

Cloning Experts to yield Virtual Expert


Cloning experts refers to capturing the knowledge of an expert and being able to apply it when appropriate. The curation of the expertise may include documents, reference materials (such as books), articles, news feeds, conversation logs, and media sources like videos. The curator can be an expert person, or a group of experts. Personal choices and dialogue behavior can also be adjusted. The expertise captured by digital cloning is delivered to the end user by a conversational (chatbot) interface. An example is shown below for the particular expertise of Crystallography.

Teaching the virtual expert can continue after the deployment by allowing designated users to teach it via conversations. Such a cloning process makes the in-house expertise captured, preserved, and protected in case of experts leaving the enterprise. An enterprise can launch as many virtual experts as necessary to help its workers and/or customers, or launch a master virtual expert to handle all the subjects.

Expertise Accessible by the Masses


The most important function of a virtual expert is its scalability where 1000s of people (workers and/or customers) can converse with it simultaneously. The value is realized when critical questions are answered instantly without the need to talk to the human expert. The only alternative to virtual experts, today, is going through document stockpiles to find answers manually (or by rudimentary search engines which are notoriously ineffective).

Being able to access expert knowledge instantly via natural language dialogue is an enhancement to Enterprise IQ and improves bottom line.


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